Eulogy for Edward Franklin Honton

At my Dadís birth in 1930, his mother had to choose between her own life and his. Her unselfish act, this gift of life, was something that Dad never forgot and was eternally grateful for. So began his legacy.

My dad had an influence on many people throughout his life. This is especially evident in the qualities found in his family. As I look at each member, I am reminded of Dad in many special ways.

When I look at Mom I see the enduring values of family unity, respect for one another, and faithfulness.† With Angelyn I see Dadís work ethic as well as his strength and resolve. In Cathy I see his determination to pursue goals and his ability to problem solve.† E.J. is the embodiment of organization, leadership, and attention to detail.† Monica displays a passionate loyalty to people, and the wonderful ability to remember names and places. Joe sees the big picture, cares deeply about conserving the gifts of the earth, and has the endurance and patience to work toward long-term goals. †Chas is industrious, hard-working, and well-versed in current events. Maggie has a dedication to work, believes strongly in education, and carries a sense of purpose into all endeavors, as well as a passion for ice cream. Steve displays steadfastness in his ideals and independence in his life.†

Dadís legacy to the world is not only the good he has done during his lifetime, but the many values and traits he has imparted to his children and to those present here.† As he has affected your life, be assured you also had an affect on his.† One shining example is Melodee, sweet Melodee.† She showed Dad how to express his love and complemented his softer side so perfectly.† Melodeeís inimitable spirit, undaunted by lifeís challenges, helped Dad to continue to live his life fully throughout his illness until his last days on earth.

As Dad is reunited with those gone before, we here today are reunited on earth, as each of us have been touched by my Dad through our own individual experiences' and clearly his legacy continues.

Some years ago, Melodee quipped that Edís epitaph would read 'Father of 8, Builder of the North Freeway, Creator of the Ohio to Erie Trail.'

Strange as it may seem to some, in reality his focus was more on process than end results. Ed dedicated himself to building bridges, both physically as an engineer and metaphorically between people.

Earlier this year I asked him to list the most important things he had done. He had one central answer. He said what was most meaningful was his relationships and working with people.

While nurturing others to get things done, he also believed we should do things for the joy they bring, without expectation of recognition or reward.

Direct, forceful, never taking no for an answer, it was this underlying philosophy about the importance of process that not only produced tangible project results, but also built bridges that will extend far into the future.

To conclude such a life, I quote my father. Seeking to understand his own life, back in 1988 he wrote

"I believe in the

Even as his beliefs and philosophy evolved, his faith was constant. We hope he has now at long last met his mother.