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Tuesday February 03, 2004

Repatterning the harmful remnants of the past

Photo by George Heymann
Holographic Repatterning practitioner Maggie Honton checks the vibration of a client using a tuning fork.
The Pueblo Chieftain

Positive change in one's life is most always welcome, especially when that change banishes limitations and leads to a more productive and fruitful life.

But change is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Sometimes, one needs a guiding or helping hand to ensure that the proper steps are being taken toward the ultimate goal of enlightenment, success and freedom.

In modern-day life, there are numerous avenues that are said to lead to healing and fulfillment. While some of these methods are referred to as "traditional" methods, others require a bit more faith and open-mindedness, a willingness to accept the unknown and the unseen. One of these methods is Holographic Repatterning.

Holographic Repatterning (HR) was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth over a 25-year period during which she studied and practiced many systems of healing. She created this new system of self-healing by synthesizing acupuncture, polarity therapy, brain integration and other methods, along with her knowledge of psychology, physics, holograms and sound frequencies.

In layman's terms, Holographic Repatterning is a process that enables one to identify and transform the unconscious, life-depleting responses that might be responsible for pain, sickness, trauma and other problems. The unconscious or subconscious mind, according to classical Freudian psychoanalysis, is a part of the mind that stores repressed memories or harmful programming from childhood - "You'll never amount to anything;" "you can't be an actor, you'll starve;" "you better be grateful for any job you can get."

The theory of repression maintains that some experiences are too painful to be reminded of, so they are tucked away, far from the waking mind. These painful, repressed memories are said to manifest themselves in neurotic or psychotic behavior. Since the unconscious mind does not distinguish between what is real and what it perceives as reality, true change comes from altering what is stored in the unconscious.

In Holographic Repatterning, the concept of "resonance" is at the core. It has been said that energy pulsates at different rates or frequencies. As humans are composed of energy, their thoughts, feelings, organs and very tissues also vibrate or resonate - some at higher frequencies than others.

"Understanding that we are a pulsing field of frequencies opens the possibility for change: thoughts, feelings and problems are all frequencies and frequencies can be brought into phase with what is coherent. The HR process gives us the means to identify those frequencies that are non-coherent and to bring them into phase with life-enhancing frequencies," points out the Web site www.Holographic.org.

There are many factors that can cause these frequencies to lose their optimal pulsation. Whatever the cause, this negative resonance often results in poor health, unhappy relationships and/or limitations in many aspects of life. What Holographic Repatterning seeks to do is identify this negative resonance and then transform it. The process is akin to changing the frequency of a radio station so that static-filled noise is replaced by a clear, resounding song.

In order to change the harmful patterns, they must first be uncovered. In Holographic Repatterning, this is done through muscle checking, i.e., applied kinesiology. By muscle checking a client's arm while the client says a statement out loud, the practitioner is able to discover the structure of these harmful patterns as well as tell from which part of the body these life-depleting beliefs or habits are originating.

From the Web site www.Repatterning.com:

"Holographic Repatterning takes this aspect of applied kinesiology and applies it within a simple but comprehensive framework of 'yes'/'no' questions in order to derive a 'body response' - strong/weak; positive/negative; on/off - to a series of questions designed to get to the root of any problem."

Again, the concept that the body, as well as its hidden dysfunctions, are made up of energy is critical in this step.

The entire process is a six-step journey that begins with orientation/preparation. This helps the client achieve comfort and trust about HR and the practitioner.

Next comes clarification/motivation - turning a problem into an opportunity. This may include recognition of stress factors or behaviors that inspire one to seek assistance. Such external factors, such as diseases, separations, losses, unemployment or homelessness painfully and decisively change the course of life. "If you understand these events correctly and act upon them positively, however difficult or painful they are, they have the potential to awaken you and turn your whole life into a new direction," points out the Web site www.visioform.com.

The third step is positive intention, or affirmation. A client express a desire to change through positive intent or affirmation. This is always done in the first person, in the present tense, for the highest and best good. Examples include, "I am healthy and vital;" "I am successful and stable."

Repeated consistently, affirmations delete bad programming and replace this negativity with new ideas, insights and goals.

Fourth, transformation of unconscious patterns, offers a client the opportunity to change that which is unseen so that the real or actual world changes, for the better, along with it.

Three types of unconscious patterns are addressed:

* Beliefs that are reflected in self-image and language.

* Survival strategies, which helped to overcome traumatic situations but can hinder life today.

* Energy constrictions in the elements, meridian and chakra system. This is where the muscle-checking comes into play.

There are approximately 150 Repatternings available for use by clients.

Self-healing modalities are the fifth step in the process. Again, there are hundreds of methods available, including tuning fork vibrations, body movements, eye movements, 'brain gym' exercises, breathing exercises, sound, light, essential oils and so forth.

Lastly is a postcheck of all statements. Here, it will be determined when and where shifts in frequency wave patterns have taken place and whether additional self-healing modalities are needed in another session.

In the Pueblo region, Maggie Honton is the only certified Holographic Repatterning practitioner. She may be reached at 583-2885.

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